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custom walking cane lion head # 103

Artistic Walking sticks are not mass produced. Walking canes handle can be cast from Sterling silver. German silver or golden Bronze. 
               Build your own walking cane LION HEAD # 103                           CLOSE WINDOWS
            Complete the options you want to be included in your personal walking cane
               30 different designs are available also:
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                                                                 email: BPAL50@GMAIL.COM
                                                                         phone: (440) 729-3405   (preferred)
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Handmade walking cane Lion head #103 
The walking canes handle is available in solid Sterling silver (4.5 oz)
(no plated and no other silver coating, trade mark Sterling stamped).
Also the walking canes handle can be cast from
German silver (Nickel – Copper alloy) or Golden Bronze.
Also available with 2.3mm RUBY, EMERALD or BLUE SAPPHIRE for eyes.
The height of the handle is 3.7"
The shaft of the walking cane can be made from black Ebony wood
or from reddish - brown Rosewood.
The end of the shaft is covered with a metal ferrule and a rubber tip
also can be placed over the ferrule if needed.
The standard length of the walking cane is 37" and can be changed
at the customer's request.
The diameter of the shaft is 1.0”
The walking cane can be converted to a Sword cane.    MORE INFORMATION
Also the walking cane can be converted to a Gun cane.    MORE INFORMATION