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field staffs

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  High-quality exotic wood Hiking Staffs topped with sculptured cast figurines.
                                            Selection of HIKING STAFFS, Pricing, Ordering 
                                       Selection of WALKING STICKS
                                 can be converted to hiking staff, Pricing, Ordering
           40 styles of different tops and handles
       cast from Sterling Silver, German Silver
       or Bronze are available. 
   The Hiking staffs are specifically designed for
   people who requires minor walking support.
   For individuals who need slight balance 
   support the Hiking staffs are highly
   preferred to standard walking canes. 
   Due to their extended design
   the Hiking staffs are comfortably
   held by the upper shaft instead
   of the handle top.This allows
   for unlimited design possibilities. 
   The Hiking staffs are available
   with a silk wrist strap. 
   As with most of my canes
   the Hiking staffs are also available
   as Sword sticks or Gun sticks.
                    CONTACT INFORMATION
      email:  BPAL50@GMAIL.COM
phone: ( 440 ) 729-3405  (preferred)
           ( 440 ) 729-2858