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walking canes, walking sticks, sword canes Tiger

Support walking canes / walking sticks are not mass produced.
Custom walking cane will be made individually and signed by the artist.
Accent on walking sticks design and comfort. Ladies, men’s walking canes, anniversary or wedding gifts.
            BASE PRICE $ 570
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    Walking canes Walking sticks Elephant # 101
    Walking canes Walking sticks Lion head # 103
    Walking canes Walking sticks Tiger # 104
    Walking canes Walking sticks Lion # 119
    Walking canes Walking sticks Grim reaper # 143
    Walking canes Walking sticks Saddle # 150
    Walking canes Walking sticks Flying snake # 120
    Walking canes Walking sticks Snail # 123
    Walking canes Walking sticks Cougar # 132
    Walking canes Walking sticks Frog # 133
    Walking canes Walking sticks Heron and snake # 134
    Walking sticks Walking cane Butterfly / Owl # 146 / 147
    Walking canes Walking sticks Grapes # 135
    Walking canes Walking sticks Lily # 136
    Walking canes Swordfish # 140
    Walking canes Echo # 137
    Walking canes Pan # 138
    Walking canes Horse # 139
   Walking canes Wolf # 142
    Walking sticks Skull # 144
    Walking sticks Mermaid # 151
    Walking canes Swan # 152
                     MORE DESIGNS
The handle of the walking cane can be cast from 3 different metals:
1. Yellow bronze.
2. German silver ( silver imitation alloy - looks like silver ).
3. Sterling silver ( real silver - 92.5% ), approximately 5.5oz.
The Sterling silver and German silver can be finished with 24K Gold plating trim ( two tone version ).
The length of the handle is 4.5"
High quality natural Gems ( 2.3mm ) can be used for eyes.
The shaft of the walking cane can be made from black Ebony wood or from reddish - brown Rosewood.
The end of the shaft is covered with a metal ferrule and a rubber tip can be placed over the ferrule if needed.
The standard length of the walking cane is 37" and can be changed at the customer 's request.
The diameter of the shaft is 1”.
The walking cane can be converted to a Sword cane. MORE INFORMATION
A sword section will be installed into the shaft.
Also the walking cane can be converted to a Gun cane. MORE INFORMATION
A gun section will be installed into the shaft (available with ebony shafts only).