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Walking Canes & Walking Sticks

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The walking canes you choose will be made individually and signed at your request. All handles can be cast from Sterling silver, 
German Silver or Golden Bronze and placed on an Ebony or Rosewood shaft. Some designs are available with 24K Gold plating
and natural gems.  Most of the Walking sticks can be converted to sword canes or gun canes
                              SWORD CANES - WALKING STICKS                   
                                   Selection of styles, Pricing, Ordering
                 30 styles of designers walking canes 
                                                            CONTACT INFORMATION:
                                                                  email: BPAL50@GMAIL.COM 
                                                                 phone: ( 440 ) 729-3405   (preferred)
                                                                           ( 440 ) 729-2858
      Handmade walking canes / walking sticks are not mass produced.
  Custom walking cane will be made individually and signed by the artist.

  The handle of the walking cane can be cast from 3 different metals:
  1. Yellow bronze.
  2. German silver ( silver imitation alloy - looks like silver ).
  3. Sterling silver ( real silver - 92.5% ), approximately 5.0 - 8.0 oz.
  The Sterling silver and German silver can be finished with 24K Gold plating trim ( two tone version ).
  Some canes handles can be supplied with high quality natural Gems such as Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires etc.

  The walking cane can be converted to a Sword cane. MORE INFORMATION
  Also the walking cane can be converted to a Gun cane. MORE INFORMATION

               In general somebody using a walking cane / walking stick might want not only physical support,
               but also some level of decorative and aesthetic value.
               That is why for many centuries walking sticks have captured the attention of artists and jewelers.
               Nevertheless, while considering the aesthetics of the walking cane / walking stick it is important to remember
               that the comfort, physical stability, and security of the walking stick should also be given priority......  MORE INFORMATION
  The comfort of the walking stick depends mainly on the handle shape........ MORE INFORMATION 
  The right balance is a very important property of the walking stick.
  In order to achieve the right balance the weight of the handle must be slightly
  less than or equal to the weight of the shaft
  The length of the stick depends on the height of the walker. I can recommend two simple methods to determine the correct stick length:
  1. The length of the stick should be equal to the distance from the floor to the upper end of the hand ( wrist ) while the arm is in a straight down position.
  2. Divide the height of the user in two and add one inch.